Advice for Workers, Students and Visitors by super lawyer Khagendra GC

Advice for Workers, Students and Visitors
1. If you are from one of the 7 countries listed above, do not leave the country unless you do not intend to return to the US.
2. If you are from a predominately Moslem country, remember that it may be dangerous for you to travel abroad since your country could be added to the List of 7 at any time.
3. If you are have a pending application/petition for immigration benefits and you are from one of the 7 countries, your application will be placed on hold. See your immigration attorney if you wish to file a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus in Federal Court to try to force the government to take action on your pending application/petition.
4. If you are from a predominately Moslem country which is not on the List of 7, you may want to file your application for immigration benefits now before your country is added to the List of 7.
5. If you are a green card holder, no matter what country you were born in, you may be wish to apply for naturalization as soon as possible in order to assure that you will be able to travel abroad freely in the future.
6. If you are present in the US on temporary visa and wish to extend or change your status, do so as soon as possible as immigration laws may be changed in the future to make it more difficult for you to do so.
7. If you are undocumented, see an immigration attorney to see if there are any possibilities for you to apply for lawful status.
8. If you are undocumented, and are arrested by an Immigration Officer, refuse to sign any documents or give a statement. Instead, request a hearing before an Immigration Judge. You may be eligible for relief from deportation and for an Employment Authorization Document.
9. If you plan to sponsor a relative for a green card, do so immediately as the family-based categories may be severely restricted in the future.
10. If you are on a temporary working visa and wish to apply for a green card, ask your employer to sponsor you now.

Mr. Chhetri has served as a NRN USA President of Nepali Community and currently president of Chhetry and Associats PC.