Color Foam Fest in Boston

Hi everyone,
Because of unavoidable circumstances, i.e. Mother Nature deciding to paint the skies grey and rain on our festival, we at Jatra Nepal have decided, painstakingly we might add, to postpone our Holi festivities from this Sunday to Sunday, May 7.
We have decided to push it to May because most of April weekends have rain on the forecast and we don’t want to have to postpone the celebration again.
On the drier side, it will be hot and bright by May, so the colors will seem richer, so postponing the festival seems to work out just right.
We apologize if this is inconvenient to anyone given a lot of you were very excited for this weekend and ready to immerse yourselves in colors, but we promise to make up for it with a better day out on Sunday, May 7.
So stay dry, stay cool, and we’ll see you all then. And oh, thank you all for being so wonderful.