Dashain Tika Sait 2077

You must have been wondering when is the Dashain Tika sait of the upcoming the best,memorable and popular Nepali festival Dashain. Here I have found a list of Tika “sait” for different countries. According to this table Melbourne Australia would be the first to start tika sait at 9:13 am on Sunday October 25, 2020. Newyork estern part of America would be 11.05 am on Sunday October 25, 2020. So if you are in Boston area it would be similar to 11.05 am Newyork time.

According to the Jyotishi you can have tika any time but the head of household, head of country such as Prime Minister, President are better to have tika on the “Sait” time.

Dashain Tika Sait in Different Countries:

CountryDateBest Time
Nepal26 October 202010:19 am
Delhi, India26 October 202010:35 am
NYC, America25 October 202011:05 am
California, America25 October 202011:45 am
Kentucky, America25 October 202011:07 am
Texas, , America25 October 202011:57 am
England, London25 October 202011:39 am
Japan, Tokyo26 October 202010:35 am
Melbourne, Australia26 October 202009:13 am
Sidney, Australia26 October 202009:43 am
Brisbane, Austrailia26 October 202009:51 am
Toronto, Canada25 October 202011:43 am
France, Paris25 October 202011:41 am
Lisbon, Portugal25 October 202011:37 am
Kuala Lumpur, Malasiya26 October 202010:35 am
UAE, Abhu Dhabi26 October 202010:43 am
Doha, Qatar26 October 202010:21 am
Seoul, South Korea26 October 202011:27 am
Bangkok, Thailand26 October 202010:33 am
Israil26 October 202010:37 am
Singapore26 October 202010:41 am
Hongkong26 October 202010:49 am
Soudi Arabia26 October 202010:25 am
Wellington, New Zealand26 October 202010:15 am
courtesy dashainfestival

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