PABFONE Pran Pratishtha & Temple Inauguration: Press Release

PABFONE Pran Pratishtha & Temple Inauguration

Pashupatinath Buddha Foundation of New England (PABFONE), a non-profit organization established in
2012 to preserve and protect the rich cultural heritage of South Asian communities living in the New England
region, is set to inaugurate its Community Center and Temple from May 27th through 30th , 2023.
The Community Center, located in 594 Washington Street, Braintree, Massachusetts, aims to provide a
platform for the community to come together and celebrate festivals, cultural events, and other occasions
while promoting the teachings of Buddha and Hinduism. PABFONE also offers support to individuals and
families in need, making a positive impact on the lives of many.
The grand inauguration (Pran-Pratishtha) will be a four-day event, and PABFONE open-heartedly welcomes
all community members of all faiths and denominations to join in the celebrations. The event will showcase a
variety of cultural, religious, and educational programs, highlighting the foundation’s commitment to
fostering interfaith and intercultural understanding and promoting harmony and peace in the community.
“We are excited to open our grand center and offer a platform for the community to come together and
celebrate our cultural heritage,” said the Inauguration Committee Coordinator. “We welcome everyone to
join us and be a part of this momentous occasion.”
Pran Pratishtha & Temple Inauguration Committee

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