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Free Job Training and placement 0

Free Job Training and Placement

The Asian American Civic Association, a non-profit in Chinatown that offers an array of services, geared towards the immigrant population and those of lower socioeconomic status. Our mission is to assist immigrants in acclimating...


Rise Up Against Domestic Violence

Rise Up Against Domestic Violence Cast:- Divna Thapa Sandesh Thapa Bandana basnet Sajan Lama Shyam K. Sedhain Anisha Oli Ashitosh Oli Nirata Karki Tek Waiba Lama Dolma Lama Bishnu Raut Nutan Kafle Dorian Tawibiyan...


Covid-19 Help post by GBNC and team

#HELPPOST! Dear Respected Greater Boston Nepali Community and Media Persons Namaste🙏 We all are aware that the whole world is suffering from the unprecedented infection of deadly COVID-19 (Corona Virus). As of 3/26/2020, we...