Chyu-Lho Lhochhar • Year of the Mouse

Namaste & Chyajalo!

Gurung Lhochhar is here! All of us here at Boston Tamu Samaaj are excited to ring in the New Year and we extend this invitation to every one of you. As we usher in the Year of the Mouse and bid farewell to all the “deers”, look forward to another year of thoughtfully curated cultural program with something for every age. Add to that- our good old Gurung hospitality with a delicious made-with-love dinner- and it’s a celebration of many wins.

Save this date, get your tickets, spread the word and join us for an evening of good cheer and merrymaking.

For tickets, please contact:
Bhuwan Gurung (617) 610-8374
Min Gurung (617) 676-7371
Ramala Gurung (857) 389-2407
Samjhana Gurung Shrestha (617) 852-7023

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